2015 India State Ranking Survey

The 2015 State Ranking Survey aims to assess the competitiveness of the 30 Indian states and identify the best performers from the hospitality industry's viewpoint. The report employs 12 key parameters to evaluate the different states.


  1. Prashanth AroorOctober 5, 2015

    Good job. My only comment is that air seats need a greater weightage. We find tourist arrivals are limited by connectivity. India wants to double its FTA from some 6.5 Mil to 14 Mil and take 1% global share from current 0.6% and the biggest hurdle to achieve this will be air seats and road and rail connectivity. From the point of entry how is one going to affordable Criss cross the country's various attractions?

  2. VENKATARAMANINovember 28, 2015

    it would be useful information for analysis of hospitalityindustry

  3. anupam narayanJanuary 18, 2016

    Very interesting and informative article. Hopefully this will get states at the bottom of the list to boost their focus and investment in tourism.One question. How do you define a "branded" room? Are local/regional chains included? example Sinclair or Jaypee? Could you provide a list of chains/brands that were counted as branded rooms?

    • Dear Sir, A branded room is typically one that is either owned, managed, franchised or lease-operated by an organized and generally accepted/recognized brand. This would thus include regional, national and international chains. Jaypee group for instance would qualify. As long as they have an organized set up and / or are a chain of hotels across geographies, they would be part of our list. Thank you

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