Training and Development Needs in Hotel Companies in India: An Inconvenient Truth

This article aims to explore the widening skill gap in the Indian hospitality industry and examine if hotel companies are doing enough to ensure that they don’t fall short of their most essential requirement – human capital.
Manav Thadani, Chairman – HVS Asia Pacific, joined the company in 1995 in its New York
Office. He went on to start the India operations in 1997 and was HVS' first employee in Asia. Over the last 20 years, HVS India has expanded into multiple verticals including Strategic Consulting, Executive Search, Marketing Communications, Energy & Sustainability and Professional Skills Development. In his current role, Manav oversees all eight offices across Asia Pacific, ensuring that they operate cohesively and effectively. Additionally, he runs four conferences in the region – Hotel Investment Conference - South Asia (HICSA); Hotel operations Summit India (HOSI); Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Indonesia, and Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Sri Lanka. Manav was recently the Chairman of the World Travel & Tourism Council - India Initiative (WTTCII). Contact Manav at


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