Excerpts: HVS Hotel Management Contract Survey – USA | Europe | APAC

This extensive survey collates and compares the key terms and clauses of 236 hotel management contracts representing 57,055 rooms and 38 branded hotel companies (including others) across three major regions of the world.
Manav Thadani, Chairman – HVS Asia Pacific, joined the company in 1995 in its New York
Office. He went on to start the India operations in 1997 and was HVS' first employee in Asia. Over the last 20 years, HVS India has expanded into multiple verticals including Strategic Consulting, Executive Search, Marketing Communications, Energy & Sustainability and Professional Skills Development. In his current role, Manav oversees all eight offices across Asia Pacific, ensuring that they operate cohesively and effectively. Additionally, he runs four conferences in the region – Hotel Investment Conference - South Asia (HICSA); Hotel operations Summit India (HOSI); Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Indonesia, and Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Sri Lanka. Manav was recently the Chairman of the World Travel & Tourism Council - India Initiative (WTTCII). Contact Manav at mthadani@hvs.com
Juie S Mobar is Director – Special Projects with HVS. She has spent over eight years with the company across two stints, starting as a Consulting and Valuation Analyst in the C&V
division where she worked on feasibility studies, market studies and valuations for a brief 16-month period. Juie joined back in 2010 as a Senior Associate in the Asset Management team in New Delhi being actively involved in hotel operation audits and advisory. Her current role as Director – Special Projects engages her in research-based assignments, specialising in operator search and management contract negotiations, in addition to assisting with HVS South Asia Conferences and select requirements of HVS Energy & Sustainability. jmobar@hvs.com


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