2014 African Hotel Valuation Index

An index studying the relative values of hotels in 14 markets throughout Africa.
Sophie Perret is a Director at the HVS London office. She joined HVS in 2003, following ten years’ operational experience in the hospitality industry in South America and Europe. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sophie holds a degree in Hotel Management from Ateneo de Estudios Terciarios, and an MBA from IMHI (Essec Business School, France and Cornell University, USA). Since joining HVS, she has advised on hotel investment projects and related assignments throughout the EMEA region, and is responsible for the development of HVS's business in France and the French-speaking countries, as well as Africa. Sophie completed an MSc in Real Estate Investment and Finance at Reading University in 2014, and is in the process of becoming a RICS certified surveyor. For further information, please contact: sperret@hvs.com +44 (20) 7878- 7722 (Work)

About Tim P. Smith

Tim Smith, MRICS is Managing Partner of our Cape Town office, focusing on assignments across the African continent. He graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Estate Management and has worked as a chartered surveyor since 1995, specializing on the valuation and sale of hotels and other leisure property throughout the EMEA region. For further information, please contact: tsmith@hvs.com +27 (0)79 734 2296


  1. All those studies are very interesting

  2. Adrian AlvesAugust 12, 2014

    Thanks for This Report

  3. Good source of information I work as hotel project manager in South Sudan it is under construction 4 star hotel, you contact me for further information

    • Thank you for your comment, we would be delighted to contact you. It would be great to have Juba in the survey next year!

  4. Very interesting report. Small correction, though: the international tourist arrivals in Mauritius is 1m, not 10 million as written on Page 8....

    • Thank you for your comments Novan, We are pleased the report is useful and interesting. Thank you also for pointing out the missing ".".

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